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Welcome Women of the World!

Kindness. Support. Wisdom Seekers Meet Wisdom Keepers. See and be seen. Hear and be heard.

About Us

We are an incubator for women's voice, agency and leadership.

We are a community for women who want to see deeply and be seen for who we are. 

We are replacing exploitation management models with compassionate leadership.  Connecting mentors with mentees.  We are rebuilding the villages industrialization destroyed. Informed by indigenous knowledge systems. We are an operational Community of Practice. There are rich opportunities for education, transformation and mindful, reflective, personal growth here.

We are a diverse group of amazing women, with much to share. Our collective is on every continent.  We are ages 13 to 90.  Mothers feel safe inviting daughters here.  We love learning & growing, expanding our brains. We love exploration--we are lifelong students. We love laughter and fun. We love life. We love connecting in this Garden of Neuro.

"Teach her that if you criticize X in women but do not criticize X in men, then you do not have a problem with X, you have a problem with women. For X, please insert words like anger, ambition, loudness, stubbornness, cold-heartedness, ruthlessness."
--Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"Justice is about making sure that being polite is not the same thing as being quiet. In fact, often times, the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table."
--Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Aboriginal Scholar Tyson Yunkaporta, in his brilliant book, "Sand Talk", describes indigenous process succinctly as this--'respect, connect, reflect, and direct.'  We respect who you are and what you bring to the Garden. We wish to connect with you, in this caring and safe space.  We want to learn about what you bring. We want to hear your 'asks' to the universe and to the community.  We provide a friendly space for you to step into your elder moments, where you can share what you bring.  And in this community, we all share and thrive.  We have so much to learn from each other.

Join us in the inquiry.

Why You Should Join Us

You will find diversity in the human experience here.  We all have a perspective to share and we each learn from every conversation.

We bring together emerging women leaders in a meaningful community, to navigate our rapidly changing world, to mindfully create our own lives to be part of a program where we accelerate learning and experience the serendipities and opportunities that come with community masterminding. To do this, we have a curated a year long support circle in our Women's Leadership Institute, where, with an experienced manifesting mentor, we cultivate our clear voice and agency, while positively influencing humanity directly, through our individual skills, leadership and accumulated wisdom.

When you fully engage, you will find there is opportunity to grow your passion, your life, and your income, too. 

We are writers, artists and creatives.  We are engineers, scientists and educators. We are in every field you might imagine from computer tech to finance. We are consultants, publishers, and CEOs. We are not celebrities, nor do we aspire to be.  We lead and we influence.  We teach, coach and mentor. 

From a casual visit to see what we're doing, to a seriously transformational experience in our Women's Leadership Institute, there is something here for every woman who wants to experience sisterhood with purpose. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to our early adopters and Ambassadors. Without your faith and belief that anything is possible, this space would not have manifested. Eternally grateful. Thank you to our Mother Earth, for hosting us here for a time.

Join the conversation!

Create a post, ask a question, just say hi! From book clubs to courses, coaching and mentoring, from casual engagement to certification, you will find support and inspiration here. 

Why I Started This Network

I’m Susan Brearley. I’m glad you’re here. In 2018, before COVID, I was frustrated with global events, and depressed.  I realized that I had not set a new plan for the next stage of my life. Drugs were prescribed. I chose another path, what I now call my Radical Self Care plan. The steps I took literally rewired my brain.  By using techniques in neuroscience, reading nearly 200 books a year, and engaging in embodied meditative programs, I developed my own program.  I’m on a personal mission to mentor, coach, teach and share in as large a circle as possible. Women are the nurturers, teachers, and healers of the world. We need to first care for ourselves before we can show up fully for each other.  We can do this. We can step into our leadership roles. Let's build the world we all want to live in. Together. 

I believe it's never to late to transform your life or start something new.  I am an ICF trained coach, a certified HSD Praxis Partner, a graduate of Cohort 1 of IMBA, a soon to be certified Neurosculpting® Partner/Leader, a 27-year IBM veteran who worked on this project called the internet, and a 20 year recovering retail entrepreneur--embarrassed to say I was selling used books on amazon before Powell's and helped build amazon into the monster they are today. In 2022, I will graduate with a Bachelor's and double major in Psychology and Global Indigenous Knowledge Systems and start a Masters' Program. I am a top writer at and EIC for 5 publications there. I am a community and culture cultivator.  I have stepped into my leadership after many decades of choosing not to lead. For that, I am grateful to the world's best mentors that I was fortunate to have throughout my life. My experience across tech, journalism, entrepreneurship and the humanities, along with being a parent and grandmother, gives me the RANGE that uniquely qualifies me as a personal mentor.  Every goal I have ever set in my life, I have manifested.  I know the elements of this work.  You can learn my techniques through the Women's Leadership Institute. Book time with me to talk about your needs.

Have an urgent sticky issue and need a coach now? Book here.

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