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About Us

We are replacing exploitation with caring communication. Bringing together wisdom keepers with wisdom seekers. Coaches and mentors with coachees and mentees.  Rebuilding the village industrialization destroyed.

We are a diverse group of amazing women of all forms, with much to share. We love learning & growing, expanding our brains. We love exploration--we are lifelong students. We love laughter and fun. We love life. We love connecting in this Garden of Neuro.

"Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain."
– Edward de Bono 

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aboriginal Scholar Tyson Yunkaporta, in his brilliant book, "Sand Talk", describes indigenous process succinctly as this--'respect, connect, reflect, and direct.'  We respect who you are and what you bring to the Garden. We wish to connect with you, in this caring and safe space.  We want to learn about what you bring. We want to hear your 'asks' to the universe; to the community.  We wish to provide a friendly space for you to step into your elder moments, where you can share what you bring.  And in this community, we all share and thrive.  We have so much to learn.

Join us in the inquiry.

Why You Should Join Us

You will find a diversity of the human experience here. Coaches, mentors, meditators, poets, writers, readers, artists and much more. We all have a perspective to share and we can each learn from anyone.

We bring together emerging women leaders in a meaningful community, to navigate our rapidly changing world, to mindfully create our own lives and agency, and to join a program where we learn faster and experience the serendipities and opportunities that come with community masterminding.  To do this, we teach programs in Radical Self Care and Human Ambassadorship, in order to positively influence humanity through our skills, leadership and wisdom.

As you explore this space, you'll learn more about our purpose, what values we honor, and what we focus on, to nurture ourselves personally, in partnerships, and in community. 

And when you fully engage, you will find there is opportunity to grow your passion, your life, and your income, too. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to our early adopters and Ambassadors. Without your faith and belief that anything is possible, this space would not have manifested. Eternally grateful. Thank you to our Mother Earth, for hosting us here for a time.

Join the conversation!

Create a post, ask a question, just say hi! From book clubs to courses, coaching and mentoring, you’ll find what you are looking for. Just ask! 

Why I Started This Network

I’m Susan B. I’m glad you’re here. In 2018, before COVID, I was frustrated with global events, and depressed, with no real plan for my life. Drugs were prescribed. I chose another path, what I now call my Radical Self Care plan, including no drugs, and the development of my own routine for recovery. The steps I took literally rewired my brain. I’m on a personal mission to coach, mentor, teach and share in as large a circle as possible, regardless of socio-economic background. Women are the nurturers, teachers, and healers of the world. We need to first care for ourselves before we can show up fully for others and the world.  We can do this. We can step into our leadership roles. Let's build the world we all want to live in. Together. 

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